Hi Everyone, the last few months we have been working hard on the concept we call the BITEZ Network! We have built our MVP (and a little more) and are going to run the first pilot test in a few weeks. Read our introduction blog to learn about our ideas and the opportunity we see for fair food service for all of us!

Restaurant owners in the Netherlands and other European countries are not satisfied with platforms that facilitate food-ordering services as negotiations with thousands of Restaurant owners have failed once more and they’re forced to pay higher commissions yet again. What’s going on here, why are many restaurant owners upset and why should you care?

Restaurant owners burdened by unfairly high commissions

Small-time restaurant owners grow increasingly wary of the current food-delivery hegemony. There is a lack of proper competition to challenge this hegemony and so there is a certain freedom for these services to start demanding more from their customers than what may be considered fair. Restaurant owners need to pay a commission to make use of provided food-delivery services. The commissions restaurant owners pay however have already increased multiple times (up to 13% and higher) and there is no certainty the commission stays that way — which leaves a lot of restaurants worrying.

The result is that some of the customers who order via popular food-delivery services receive a note from the restaurant owner — pleading customers to please order via their own website next time. Thus, diverting the highcommission restaurant owners need to pay otherwise.

Other restaurant owners have united in a protest movement called “Catering in Action” (Horeca in Actie) — which currently has over 950 restaurants supporting the cause. As a collective they have tried pleading for lower commissions, though with no result so far.

Sector association Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN) is outraged: “We understand very well why restaurants are asking customers to avoid food-delivery services (…)”.

While the KHN acknowledges the perks of being affiliated with a food-delivery service, they are quick to point out that these companies are so dominant that restaurants are basically forced to affiliate with them. According to the KHN it is thus up to legal authorities (the ACM) to bring back the freedom of setting prizes to entrepreneurs. Additionally, ACM points out that restaurant owners willingly sign contracts with food-delivery services.

The ACM does not feel obliged to act: “Restaurant owners have plenty of other alternatives, place a billboard outside, use another service or advertise yourself”.

Summarized then we can conclude that most restaurants are unhappy with the way things are going but have no viable alternatives of which to choose from. The main issue being, customers are familiar with the current food-delivery services and are not properly incentivized to use another one. Well, that is about to change as you’re about to be rewarded for ordering food!

Order food, get rewarded!

Be rewarded for ordering food. That is the premise of using a new food-delivery service, called BITEZ. BITEZ leverages blockchain technology and has numerous advantages for both customers and restaurants alike.

The main problem for competitors of the current food-delivery hegemony was that they couldn’t pry away customers from them. Yes that also means you, right now, reading this article! For why should you even hassle with other companies/apps if you’re happy with the current provider? Especially since most restaurants are hosted on the ones you might already know. In other words: “what’s in it for you? “.

What’s in it for me?

BITEZ believes that change comes from rewarding participation. One of the ways in doing so is by incentivising your contribution within the BITEZ-ecosystem — which could be as simple as the act of ordering food. Also, valued community content is going to be rewarded in the form of tokens. A simple example of such content is writing a community valued customer review. So the next time you order food, make it a habit to leave a well-formed comment and you might get your next burger for free!

What’s in it for the restaurant owners?

When your restaurant is affiliated with BITEZ, you will receive all the perks that make contemporary food-delivery services great, but none of the current market downsides. These perks include but are not limited to:

  • Paying a fair commission (5%) for a set amount of duration;
  • Full ownership and control of generated personal data (depending on consumer opt-in);
  • Exposure through incentivised customer reviews;
  • A say in policy changes and platform rules

BITEZ is already negotiating with several Dutch entrepreneurs of which many have approved pilot-testing their platform. So the next time you are ordering food, contemplate giving BITEZ a try and help make the food-delivery service a fairer ordeal. Announcements of Pilot Participants will follow shortly.

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