Online food ordering services on fair terms. Introducing BITEZ, food-delivery on the blockchain.  In this introductory blog we will introduce to you the concept of BITEZ and why it should matter to you. Starting this week we will pull back the curtain and show you all of the stuff we are working on. We are very excited to start this journey with you guys and invite you guys to share your thoughts with us as well. So pull up a chair. Take a taste and come join us as we introduce BITEZ and our first partners!

What is BITEZ?

The BITEZ ecosystem

The problem – The online food service industry relies heavily on intermediaries and restaurant owners often feel forced to commit to such a services. This has led to some unfair power balances where intermediaries can charge increasingly higher commissions whilst keeping full control over consumer data and customer relations. This has resulted in a lot of frustrated restaurant owners. BITEZ’ Fireside aims to break the mold and offer a fair business model for both restaurant owner and customer. However, the same intermediary dynamics apply to our acquirement of food products for home consumption. Therefore, BITEZ will enable producers and providers the same benefits within the BITEZ Farm module.

The solution– BITEZ combats the dependency on intermediaries and actually adds value within the product- or service’s valuechain. Built upon the EOSIO blockchain protocol, using BITEZ can significantly reduce commission fees and offers direct interaction between all stakeholders involved: restaurant owners, customers, delivery parties and productsuppliers.

BITEZ is thus an open marketplace environment where goods, services, value, information and of course food is shared. The blockchain solution BITEZ offers allows commission fees to be up to 70% lower compared to other market competitors.

The BITE-token (Utility)

BITEZ is a decentralized ecosystem, thus we rely on consumers as well. We will offer a platform where customers will be able to share their food experiences and reviews among like-minded peers. Joining our platform makes you a member of our tribe – where sharing your own unique experience benefits the entire collective. The more you put in, the more value you’ll get. The tokens you earn can be used for food ordering, discounts and more!

Hungry tribe members can earn tokens in a number of ways:

  • Sharing consumption & order data;
  • Writing community valued reviews for meals and services;
  • Content creation;
  • Tracker gamification;
  • Loyalty;

The BITEZ ecosystem thus offers a superior customized consumer experience where everything you do is rewarded, either through food or tokens.

Within the previously mentioned open marketplace, the BITE-token fulfills an important role. It adds tangible value to all services provided whilst offering discounts for customers as well! The BITE-token will be one of the means of payment besides traditional payment options through iDeal, Credit Card & PayPal.

More information and details on the Governance system, and the BITE-utilitytoken’s role in it, will follow in the upcoming couple of weeks in a separate Governance, Tokenomics & Metrics announcement.

BITEZ partners

BITEZ has been working diligently to provide suppliers for our hungry tribe members and we are proud to introduce our first partners.

Most of the partners mentioned here fulfill the honorary position of being the very first suppliers of our tribe. Soon you will be able order hot food and local groceries via these parties. After an initial beta pilot test BITEZ will roll out development and partnerships with other local food suppliers so that even more tribe members can take part.


First core features coming soon!

As we look for ways to grow our tribe, we need to test the sustainability of the current one as well. This brings us to our next announcement. BITEZ will soon launch a beta test pilot and we are very excited to introduce our first dapp features: Fireside Farm. These will form the core of the complete BITEZ experience and serves as the backbone of our tribe. More info on these features and the upcoming pilot will be shared soon!

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